Jaz Coleman announces “Orchestrated Nirvana, a Requiem for Kurt Cobain”

jazJaz Coleman, the Killing Joke front man, has announced “Orchestrated Nirvana, a Requiem for Kurt Cobain”, and started up a Facebook page.

Jaz has a long and esteemed history of composing classic pieces, most recently his second symphony – “the” Island released with his book “Letters from Cythera“.

There’s not too much to go on about this new project, and this is how it was announced on the Killing Joke Facebook page…

For those of you interested in Jaz’s work outside KJ Jaz has just signed a deal through The Savoy Group and Universal Caroline for his next crossover venture which is ‘Nirvana’ A Requiem to Kurt Cobain.

Those of you that have followed the history of KJ know that between legal wrangles with Nirvana over 80’s and Dave Grohl playing on 2003 that there is plenty of history between the bands.  Most importantly the music is beautiful more of which later.

via Orchestrated Nirvana, A Requiem For Kurt Cobain.

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