Paul Ferguson – “I’ve heard of a post regarding Geordie and a fire extinguisher”

fx1Huh? Big Paul Ferguson of Killing Joke says…

I’ve heard talk of a post regarding Geordie and a fire extinguisher incident. I’ve seen a few responses so I thought I’d throw my thoughts into the ring. After all, I was there. It was a very regretful accident, for which Geordie paid a very large, especially then, amount of money in an effort to compensate. It also caused problems for the recording and soured the relationship we were building with studio… there’s a first.

I was awakened the morning after the event by a tearful studio owner and a gang of German police, badges and guns bristling. Through the fog of my own tequila- (or was it vodka-) induced hangover I could barely understand what the problem was but twernt too long before the pfennig dropped and I understood the reason for the man’s calamity.

We had only recently arrived at Hansa, was it the day before? We were exuberant, excited to be in Berlin with Kimsey and to be making a new album and we were having a party in the studio. We were dancing to Yello or some such and generally horsing around as happened in those days, and drinking’n’ting … a lot.

So as the noise and excitement builds Geordie thinks to add to the fun by squirting foam from a nearby extinguisher at Chris (Kimsey that is). Would have been funny only oops, that isn’t foam coming out, it’s metal flakes and it’s going everywhere and it won’t stop.

Plays havoc with circuitry. Party over.

Yes, he should have known better but there was no malicious intent and people do some pretty stupid things when they’re young, drunk and on top of the world. Including not paying for the pizza.

via I’ve heard talk of a post regarding Geordie and… – Big Paul Ferguson: Official.

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