“A writer and the Nephilim”

Carl McCoy of Fields of the NephilimIn the bible the Nephilim were giants, supposedly produced by the coupling of a god and a human woman.  Doesn’t get more goth than that.

The post below got me thinking and I found the video at the bottom – fascinating, and worth four minutes of your time.

It was around 1986 when a new great goth band emerged …  A handsome post-apocalyptic cowboy growled through amazing music, smoke and flour ; supported back then by a fantastic band… The band’s name was equally mysterious and you had to try to remember it…

Fields of the … errr, something hebrew sounding, ending with -im…  We only later figured out that mr. McCoy was into something biblical and grim… Where did he got this Nephilim idea, though?

I got the strong suspicion that he must have read more than one book by Zecharia Sitchin (July 11, 1920 – October 9, 2010).  Sitchin was an Azerbaijani-born American writer and a scholar who in the ’60s and early ’70s deciphered ancient Sumerian texts and developed a weird theory according to which men were descendants from ancient astronauts who visited earth, aeons ago in search of gold.

These gigantic creatures came as he claimed from the planet Nibiru (called “the twelfth planet”). They were a technologically advanced human-like extraterrestrial race called the Anunnaki in Sumerian myth, who Sitchin states are called the Nephilim in Genesis. They were also later associated with fallen angels.

Actually the sources told me that they were mentioned only twice in the Scriptures and in quite a confusing way…

via ’80s gothic rock: A writer and the Nephilim.

One thought on ““A writer and the Nephilim”

  1. I read The 12th Planet a while back after finishing From The Ashes of Angels, which was by (I think it was) an Andrew Collins, a mate of Carl McCoy’s, if memory serves. All fascinating, thought-provoking stuff. I bet Jaz Coleman has a fair bit to say on this subject! I believe Sitchin was also some kind of advisor to the Pentagon. This video is something else, though. Wow! A lot of effort must’ve gone into suppressing those stills. They don’t look like the sort of thing that could easily be faked or photoshopped. It makes the humans-were-descended-from-aliens theories quite plausible. I’m buying it, anyway. I wonder where that museum where they’re on display is…

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