“Why the Nephilim upset me”


The Nephilim upset me.

Is it the use of flour? The music which references ancient biblical peoples, fallen angels and chaos magic? The fact that 1988′s amazing ‘Moonchild’ was released in the same year as Tiffany’s ‘I think we’re alone now’? Is it their laissez-faire attitude to touring? Their choice of encore, t-shirt or touring partner? Is it the fact that I have spent many a failed lunchtime ‘al desco’ trying to understand the difference between The Fields of The Nephilim, The Nefilim and The Nephilim? Nope.

It’s because, on the first album, Carl McCoy sings ‘flowers from your window box’ – and even worse – ‘flowers in your kitchen’ on another song.

I really don’t want to think of Carl McCoy, seer of the unseen, seeker of truths, in a kitchen. I don’t mind thinking of him in a slightly horticultural way (pointing out poisoned leaves from medicinal flowers on a woodland walk with his brethren) but it’s the kitchen that upsets me most. Kitchens mean whisks. Washing up. ‘Saving with Jamie’ books and trips to Cath Kidston if you’re unlucky. Flowers in your kitchen mean finding the right vase, locating kitchen scissors and thinking about whether the rumour that using 7up instead of water lengthens the life of the blooms in question.

I can’t see The Fields of The Nephilim in the kitchen. I don’t want to see The Fields of The Nephilim in the kitchen.

Am I alone?

And don’t even get me started on his visit to the ‘Sunday Park’ on ‘Elizium’. Carl feeding the ducks?

And this did make me laugh – the lone comment:

  • “So there you have it. The real reason for all of that flour”

via Why the Nephilim upset me. | Karate for Goths.

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