Inca Babies “Scatter EP” review

incas scatterInca Babies – Scatter EP

Black Lagoon Records, released: 19th April 2014

With Record Store Day soon upon us, one of the most vital releases lined up for the big day is the first recorded work from the Inca Babies since their excellent album Deep Dark Blue was released into the community back in November 2013.

A four-track twelve-inch EP in crystal clear vinyl, the lead song ‘Scatter’ is the blistering number with which the band ended their live set on last year’s thirtieth anniversary tour and it’s great to hear the band at full throttle once again. For all of the lyrical brilliance and musical pyrotechnics of the Inca’s last two albums, the only thing really lacking was an out and out punk stormer, and ‘Scatter’ makes up for this in spades.

Built in layers on the foundations of Rob Haynes’ primitive drums, Harry Stafford first adds a biting guitar riff and Vince Hunt a throbbing bassline before the desperate vocal kicks in, warning of approaching doom as the song explodes into panic and flees. Thinking it has found safety, it manages to hide itself away for a brief moment before being found out and pushed back into the light only to stumble off the edge of oblivion as it resumes its tortured flight. Nice.

The second track is ‘A Superior Spectre’, a new recording of a song originally laid down for an 1984 John Peel session, and a marvellously grubby swamp blues number which quivers and pounds and rambles on about ‘assassins’ like every good song should. Nobody makes music like this any more and we’re not sure how we managed without them for all those years, but it all augurs well for the band’s new album which is likely to be released in the autumn.

Tracks three and four are taken from the band’s two comeback albums, Death Message Blues and Deep Dark Blue. ‘Walk Like Jesus’ and ‘Deep Dark Blue’ are both measured songs, not a million miles removed from each other, and which are perhaps not entirely representative of the albums built around them.

Hopefully, though, they will encourage you to invest in those collections if, for some peculiar reason, you do not own them already. Great stuff.

via Reviews – January-March 2014.

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