Killing Joke on the legendary Death and Resurrection Show

KJ deathAn update from Killing Joke on the almost lterally legendary “Death and Resurrection Show”.

A really quick update as we’ve been silent for ages…

After three years, it appears we have finally tracked all the music rights owners and bashed out the basics of deals with most of them; this has been a significant hold up in the release and is often the case for many music docs. KJ do control a fair bit of the catalogue, but not all of it, there’s various bits in there from other artists too.

The film has been screening to various distributors and other buyers internationally quite a bit over recent weeks, we have the basics of a cinema release predominantly UK, DVD release and TV/VOD screenings longer term worked out but are working on territories where releases aren’t currently in place. There’s lots of interest in the film, though everyone’s struggling to comprehend how large the KJ audience is; if you get a sec give us a hand and let fellow Gatherers know about the film by shooting out an invite to this page, it all helps marketing minded people get an understanding for things.

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Savages “Fuckers” review

Savages-Fuckers-Dream-Baby-DreamNew Savages material, unfortunately only live tracks.

Savages – “Fuckers”
(Pop Noire)
Released: 6th May 2014 

Whether it is solely down to resources, we don’t know, but there was a time when bands were far more prolific than they are today. From 1969 to 1980 David Bowie put out a classic album every year and also threw in an album of covers and two double live albums as a bonus. The Stranglers had their first three albums out in thirteen months, Sabbath did three in seventeen months, Buzzcocks three in eighteen months, and even Led Zeppelin churned out three in twenty-one.

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Kevin Cummins Q&A: “I saved Joy Division from being Bon Jovi”

ian-curtis-500Interesting interview about Joy Division with legendary photographer Kenny Cummins.

The Mancunian photographer’s seminal shoot with Joy Division has been selected for the British Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale

Kevin Cummins is one of Britain’s most acclaimed rock photographers. A former staff photographer for the NME, Cummins has taken shots of some of the world’s most recognisable musicians, including Mick Jagger, Morrissey, David Bowie and Patti Smith.

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Houston mural includes Ian Curtis, Siouxsie, Robert Smith, Sisters, Pete Murphy and more

goth mural

Rene Fernandez paints the west wall of Numbers Nightclub, June 5, 2014 in Houston. Fernandez says each portrait takes about two hours. Fernandez is a regular at the nightclub, and the musicians pictured represent the music played on Fridays, Classic Numbers night. The full line up of musicians in the mural are Trent Renzor, left, of Nine Inch Nails, Al Jourgensen of Ministry, Blondie, Joey Ramone, David Bowie, Ian Curtis of Joy Division, Morrissey, Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Robert Smith of The Cure. Fernandez is creating the mural for free.

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“For Nick Cave, the Bad Seeds are everything”

cave qanda - smallExcellent Nick Cave interview.

Nick Cave gives his band, especially the hypnotic Warren Ellis, much of the credit for keeping him excited about the future.

CONSIDERING ALL THE artistic irons he’s had burning in the fire in recent years, it says something that Nick Cave seems fixated on one thing and one thing only at the moment.

What comes through loud and unmistakably clear when the iconic singer calls the Straight from a Milwaukee tour stop is that he couldn’t be more grateful for the Bad Seeds, a group that’s seen by some as his backing band but is really something much more.

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Nick Cave “is the master of American mythology”

Nick-Cave-20000-Days-On-Earth-lead-384x384Great looking set…

When Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds went into “Stagger Lee” from the 1996 album Murder Ballads, it was an iconic moment of an evening of music in which the band took the tradition of American folk mythology and breathed into it a larger-than-life electricity. Cave brought raging emotional intensity and dynamic outbursts, whispered statements from the devil and the seductions and outrageously compelling swaggering assertions of Stagger Lee himself. He strode well into the seating area on the first tier of the theater, standing on the backs of chairs, supported by fans.

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