Joy Division – pitch corrected songs (Youtube, 37 minutes, 10 tracks)

JoyDivisionNow this is really interesting – pitch corrected Joy Division tracks.  Apparently producer Martin Hannett sped up the tape to enable Ian Curtis to sing more easily but unfortunate, when the tracks were mastered, the transfers were done at the incorrect speed.

“A.L.” has pitch-corrected these songs by slowing them down and the results are really interesting.  Worth a listen, but it would be nice to have access to high res MP3s or lossless files.

  • 1. Warsaw 0:00
  • 2. No Love Lost 2:28
  • 3. Leaders of Men 6:16
  • 4. Failures 8:54
  • 5. Dead Souls 12:46
  • 6. Ice Age 17:55
  • 7. These Days 20:26
  • 8. She’s Lost Control [12″ Mix, Fade-Out] 23:57
  • 9. She’s Lost Control [12″ Mix, Full] 28:39
  • 10. Colony 33:30

All the songs that needed pitch correction. Sourced from FLAC but converted to WAV for to publish in this video.

The purpose of this compilation was to take all the JD tracks known to be set at the incorrect pitches and correct. Mr. A.L. did a wonderful job.

Explanation: “When the 2007 expanded reissues were being put together, it was discovered that Ice Age – recorded at the same October 1979 Cargo Studios session as Atmosphere and Dead Souls, but not released until 1981 on the catch-all Still – was released from the word go at the incorrect speed. Apparently, when Martin recorded Ian’s vocal lines for Atmosphere and presumably Dead Souls and Ice Age, in order for Ian to sing in a more appropriate range for his voice the musical bed was sped up what Ian would hear in his headphones, and sing along to. So Ian would sing at this increased pitch and tempo, in a more comfortable range for him. When Atmosphere was mastered for release, it was brought back down to a more appropriate speed and pitch – which is what we have today.

However, when Dead Souls and Ice Age were mastered for release – remember, they were recorded at the same session and presumably mixed down at the sped-up tempo to the same master reel of 1/4” tape as Atmosphere – apparently the “downpitching” applied to Atmosphere, as described above, was not also done so for the other two tracks. Therefore, Dead Souls and Ice Age have always been released at the incorrect, too-fast, speed and pitch.” This doesn’t apply to the “An Ideal for Living” tracks but I think we can safely assume this can be applied to “These Days” and “Colony”. Not sure about “She’s Lost Control”.

For me personally, hearing songs at different pitches after listening to them one way for so long is really crazy, especially if the other way is at a slower pitch. It sounds PARTICULARLY slow and baffling. It makes me wonder if I was used to hearing a song being slow, only to hear it at faster pitch…

The pitch corrections are different for every song; some are slower, some are faster. The “An Ideal for Living” tracks are slighter slower than what you’re used to…personally, I don’t believe their pitch was wrong to begin with. “Dead Souls” and “Ice Age” are FAR slower…a lot of the edge is taken out of the former, but Ian does not sound like a chipmunk on the latter, so it’s give and take. “These Days” is somewhat lamer at slow pitch… the synth nor the singing sound nearly as cool. The two “She’s Lost Control” versions are faster, here. I think it actually enhances the songs a bit. The dropouts have also been corrected thank you, Mr. A.L.. Last but not least, “Colony” is slower, and sounds much more like various gig recordings.Enjoy!

via Joy Division – Pitch Corrected Songs – YouTube.

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