Killing Joke “Classic Rock ‘track by track’ interview, 2013” (Youtube, 38 mins)

jaz-paulI really like this, it is a video from Classic Rock magazine back in 2013 – an interview with Jaz, Paul and Geordie from Killing Joke, talking through the creation, production and effect of some of their finest singles.

I like this particularly as Jaz is in an unusually straight forward and candid moods, and it shows in the open nature of the answers.  Jaz has a reputation for playing with interviewers but he seems to play this with a pretty straight bat.

And there are some good stories – recording in the pyramids Jaz and getting really fat (“my mum said I looked like Marlon Brando”) linger!

  1. 00.00 – turn to red
  2. 03.07 – wardance
  3. 06.19 – follow the leaders
  4. 11.30 – empire song
  5. 13.10 – eighties
  6. 16.20 – love like blood
  7. 18.44 – money is not our god
  8. 20.40 – exorcism
  9. 24.25 – pandemonium
  10. 27.25 – loose canon
  11. 32.20 – “a heritage act” (?)
  12. 33.50 – ghosts of ladbroke grove


2 thoughts on “Killing Joke “Classic Rock ‘track by track’ interview, 2013” (Youtube, 38 mins)

  1. I watched half of that video then when I came back to watch the rest (a day later) it was marked “PRIVATE”….Maybe you could have your people talk to their people….?

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