Savages “Fuckers” review

Savages-Fuckers-Dream-Baby-DreamNew Savages material, unfortunately only live tracks.

Savages – “Fuckers”
(Pop Noire)
Released: 6th May 2014 

Whether it is solely down to resources, we don’t know, but there was a time when bands were far more prolific than they are today. From 1969 to 1980 David Bowie put out a classic album every year and also threw in an album of covers and two double live albums as a bonus. The Stranglers had their first three albums out in thirteen months, Sabbath did three in seventeen months, Buzzcocks three in eighteen months, and even Led Zeppelin churned out three in twenty-one.

The start of May marked the first anniversary of Savages’ excellent debut album Silence Yourself and, with no follow-up in sight, the band decided to mark the occasion by releasing this live twelve-inch featuring a ten-minute version of ‘Fuckers’ and a seven minute cover of Suicide’s ‘Dream Baby Dream’. Some new material would have been good, but as a snapshot of this stage of Savages’ career, this is a pretty decent artefact. The recordings from The Forum are good, the instruments and vocals sharp and the live power of the band is captured as well as live recordings ever manage to do. As ever, brilliant bassist Ayse Hassan carries the songs along while the spiteful Gemma Thompson throws petrol into the flames to feed the conflagration. Vocalist Jehnny Beth is a master of the pained, us-against-the-world vocal, while Fay Milton crashes plenty of metal without going off the rails. Savages are at the top of their game and remain a potent live force; we just hope they are not burying themselves too deeply in a hole of their own making. The best way to show the fuckers is to soar and not to hide behind the barricades screaming defiance. Blow them away. Something massive next, please.

via Reviews – April 2014.

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