The Cure – Three Imaginary Boys, Seventeen Seconds, Faith & Pornography re-recorded in 2005 for 4Play

I have not seen these before, but it seems the Cure re-recorded a number of old tracks back in 2005 for “4play”.  From Chain of Flowers:

New ‘4 Play’ Cure compilation on iTunes (UK) includes 4 new interviews and the re-recorded versions of 3IB, 17 Seconds, Faith and Pornography from the Mike Hedges sessions last year, when The Cure was a trio of Robert, Simon and Jason:

“It seems like the Cure have done something special for iTunes: the 4 tracks TIB, 17 seconds, Faith and Pornography have been re-recorded. The package is called ‘4 play’ which includes some interviews about the 4 preview Deluxe editions and also couple tracks from it. But, as always with iTunes, you could not buy this album if you’re not living in the UK!”


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