Original Nirvana drummer teams up with Killing Joke keyboard player for London shows

300x300As it says…

Original Nirvana drummer Chad Channing, best known for his work on the band’s debut album, ‘Bleach’, has announced two exclusive London shows with his new group Before Cars. With influences that include Young Marble Giants, early David Bowie and obscure hits from the 60’s/70’s, the band present an eclectic mix of styles that range from deep and introspective to quirky and light hearted.

Thursday 17th July – The Garage
Friday 18th July – Surya

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“Peter Murphy Nearly Melted Down at the El Rey on Saturday”

Peter-Murphy-Lion-300x297Hyperbolic headline of the week, but an interesting piece on Peter Murphy’s recent gig, and the comments in the original article are equally interesting.

Peter Murphy suspected the fans had come for the hits on Saturday night at the El Rey. After all, the legendary 56-year-old singer played the oldies last year on tour, including those from his former band, Bauhaus.But this time around, the emphasis was on his post-Bauhaus work. There’s a lot of that — he recently released his 10th studio album, Lion — though it wasn’t enough to keep the crowd’s attention. But that isn’t what made the holiday weekend stop in L.A. such a bummer.

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Nick Cave “I have to spend hours talking to fucking idiots like you”

cave_cdr_tender-prey_1Classic, and very long, Nick Cave interview from 1988.

Nick Cave is a man of many voices. Right this second, outside the VIP Hotel in Hamburg’s Holstenstrasse, his larynx has the timbre of The Reaper.”You scum-sucking shit!” he screams at me, aiming a scuffed cowboy boot at my groin. Luckily he’ll never play football for Australia, even the junior squad. The foot misses its target, resulting only in a bruised thigh.

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“I am the Real Nick Cave”

06cave1-superJumboAnother excellent Nick Cave article, this time from the NY Times

“I went to Graceland once,” Nick Cave said. “The rest of the band went in, but I stayed out on the curb, smoking cigarettes and feeling sorry for myself. Those last Elvis performances — the ones for television, when he was already sick — I must have watched those clips a hundred times. They’re like crucifixions.” He paused for a moment. “I couldn’t bring myself to go inside.”It was a bright afternoon in early February, and Cave was in a boutique in Berlin’s trendy Friedrichshain district, buying souvenirs for his sons. “Do you have these in kids’ sizes?” he asked, holding up a belt with the word “kleptomaniac” engraved across its buckle. The saleswoman was making a serious effort not to seem star-struck, but Cave’s attention was elsewhere.

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Ian Curtis’ original handwritten lyrics for ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’

LWTUAAfter Ian Curtis’ handwritten lyrics for Joy Division’s single most iconic song, “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” surfaced in a Joy Division/New Order exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, images of the wrinkled 35-year-old sheet of notebook paper have been making fairly brisk rounds of Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

It’s not hard to understand why. The single was released very shortly after Curtis’ suicide, which transformed the song into an instant self-elegy for both Curtis and the beloved band. The title, in fact, is literally Curtis’ epitaph.   But even if Curtis had decided not to end his life that day in 1980, and Joy Division had continued, doesn’t it seem likely that it would have remained their signature song anyway?

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