2 thoughts on “A to Z quiz of punk rock

  1. Hope you have the answers there. Please, Sir, will you mark my work?

    A) Anarchy In The UK
    B) Danny Baker (was a contributer, though it’s debatable whether he edited it. Mark Perry is
    usually credited with that)
    C) Crossing The Red Sea
    D) ?
    E) EMI
    F) ?
    G) Good Vibrations
    H) Hell
    I) Inflammable Material
    J) ?
    K) ?
    L) The Lurkers
    M) Magazine
    N) New Rose
    O) The Outcasts
    P) Marco Pirroni
    Q) The Queen Elizabeth
    R) The Ramones
    S) Rat Scabies
    T) Tommy Gun
    U) The Undertones
    V) Vice Squad
    W) Vivienne Westwood
    X) X-Ray Spex
    Y)Your Generation
    Z) Dave…Zero??

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