Ian Shirley’s “The Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom” on Kickstarter

GUARDIANS LOGONo right-minded Bauhaus fan is without a copy of Dark Entries – the excellent Bauhaus biograpy.  It’s author Ian Shirley contacted us about the resurrection of an old goth band he was involved with, called “the Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom”, the the plan to issue unheard material… over to Ian:

Some of you might recognize my name as I wrote Dark Entries which remains the definitive biography of Goth legends Bauhaus. What you won’t know is that between 1981/2 I was in a Goth-inspired band called The Guardians Of The Ancient Wisdom.

Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/110787101/guardians-of-the-ancient-wisdom-post-punk-indie-go

The Guardians emerged out of a duo called the Black Druids that comprised of myself (synthesizer/vocals) and Dark Zolan (guitar/vocals). After recording one track – The Count – in a professional 8-track studio in 1981 we wanted to play live and expanded to a 4-piece to include Fred Previous (bass) and Rob Clayton (guitar/drum machine). Inspired by Joy Division, Killing Joke, Theatre Of Hate and a massive slice of Bauhaus we worked up a set list and played our first gig in November 1981. Zolan opened the concert with a ceremony and songs like Shades really mined the dark energy and panache of Bauhaus whereas The Raincoat Song was a tribute to late Joy Division singer Ian Curtis.

Having a drum machine rather than a drummer gave us a unique flavor as did my synthesizer adding texture over thundering or melodic bass and incisive guitar. The concert went well but to beef up the sound we added a drummer – Rob ‘The Major’ Maidens. Our next headline gig in January 1982 ended after 25 minutes due to a stage invasion by fans of the supporting punk band. Maybe they did not like Zolan’s opening ceremony that involved a blazing chalice or my creepy organ playing that accompanied it.

There were more rehearsals and some great new songs like Atrocity and (I kid you not) As Long As His Trousers Are Tight but we split up before we played our third gig. Luckily everything – gigs, rehearsals and stage invasion – was taped. I have paid for this material to be digitally restored and I am now looking to release the Guardians music on LP and CD through a Kickstarter campaign. The full history of the band is there as well as a brief edit of the track Shades that will give you a flavor of how we sounded. It would be great if you would think about backing us as there are options to buy the CD or a 2-LP set.

Finally, all members of Bauhaus are entitled to a free copy of the LP/CD. It is the least I can do….

Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/110787101/guardians-of-the-ancient-wisdom-post-punk-indie-go




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