New Joy Division book – ‘Their One and Only Tour’

JoyDivisionThis looks interesting – a (potentially) innovative Joy Division book:

Fans of Salford rock band Joy Division can view never before seen pictures and back stories in a book from those who were there in the groups prime.The bands Their One and Only Tour has been compiled by Netherlands designer Marc Tilli who has long been fascinated by the Manchester post-punk legends.

Having worked on the book since 2009 Marc promises it will contain photographs and stories that even die-hard fans will not have seen.“Many things went on during this tour that have never been published or mentioned before,” he told MM.“This book will handle the preparations for the tour, the actual gigs and the incredible things I found out concerning this.”

Joy Division supported legendary Manchester punk band The Buzzcocks prior to their own tour, attending 24 dates across the UK.But the European tour was their first as headliners – and Marc was there to capture it.“I couldn’t wait to catch them live and the moment came when they did their tour in January 1980 and played the Paradiso in Amsterdam,” he said.“I went there and really was smashed by this gig.

“One of my hobbies those days was taking pictures of concerts and on this occasion I also brought my camera with me and pictured them.”Compiled over the last five years, Marc has faced something of a ‘quest’ to track people down and get their stories for the book but feel it was well worth it.“I was part of this period so I knew many people and their relation to scenes et cetera,” he confessed.“Still it was quite difficult to find people who could fill in stories that are worth a mention.”

Marc discovered Joy Division through reading about them in English music papers such as NME and soon became intrigued with Factory Records, where theband rose to fame.“I knew about their dark image, their record label Factory, the iconic designs made by Peter Saville and about the very specific city of Manchester.“Every release by its label was at least worth listening to, but most of them I bought before even knowing the music. No marketing needed.”Co-founded by ‘Mr Manchester’ Tony Wilson, Factory Records was home to a raft of seminal acts including A Certain Ration and Vinny Reilly’s Durutti Column.

“Many bands of the Factory label I loved. I bought many of their records, went to gigs and photographed them, all between ’80 and ’82,” enthused Marc.“One of New Order’s very first gigs was in Rotterdam and I went there as well and took pics.“I also bought records by some small obscure bands from the Manchester Music Collective, for example Slight Seconds.“And not to forget The Mighty Fall as John Peel used to introduce them.“I’ve seen them many, many times.”Marc even credits his passion for the Manchester scene of the era for his decision to become a designer.

“Factory Records as well as Joy Division suddenly made me realise people were trying to do other things than what the mainstream was concerned with.“It inspired me to organise my life in a certain direction, I decided to attend art school and finally graduated as a designer.“I’m still searching for new ideas and not wanting to be part of the mainstream.”Just four months after their European tour Joy Division’s charismatic frontman and lyricist, Ian Curtis tragically took his own life.

Tormented by epilepsy and a disintegrating marriage, Curtis was found hanged on the eve of what was to be the band’s first American tour.Reflecting on the passing of his musical hero Marc said he was devastated to find out he had committed suicide.“I was really shocked when I heard John Peel announcing Ian’s death.“From that moment I was sad and kinda proud at the same time.“Sad for obvious reasons, proud that I had been able to actually have seen Joy Division live.“Apart from this I was proud to have taken pictures – images that became part of history.

“Years later I got the idea of doing something with these pics and one day I decided to do a book about this tour.“A tour that never has been described before, apart from the few lines that were written here and there.”For the passionate music fan compiling the book very much become something of a labour of love.“It was something I wanted to do for all who like to know the story of the band.“This band was more than just their great music. They were on a kind of turning point in the music world.”For fans of Joy Division’s bleak, powerful yet peculiarly beautiful music, Joy Divsion, Their One and Only Tour promises to be a truly special document of a time and a place.

via New book gives Joy Division fans Closer look at Unknown Pleasures from Their One and Only Tour in Europe | Mancunian Matters.

One thought on “New Joy Division book – ‘Their One and Only Tour’

  1. Has the Paradiso gig (11-Jan-80) taken from the long-missing master reels made the rounds yet? The quality is unbelievable, no hiss, great clarity and presence and even cymbals are audible! Great mix, loud as hell and two full sets for the price of none. Passover still cuts in as it does in all the boots, the tape machine wasn’t up and running when the band started playing. Best JD boot ever, can’t imagine anything will ever surpass this. Sure seems Terry Mason knew what he was doing after all.

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