The Cure, “Strange Days: an expression of sounds”, part two taster

cure81The second part of the Cure series “Strange Days: an expression of sounds” is due soon and if you haven’t read the first instalment see: The Cure, “Strange Days: an expression of sounds”, part one 1977-1979.  In the meantime, here’s a taster of part two:

The second chapter finds our (cult) heroes trying to re-group following the departure of one of the members of what was really the first stable line-up of The Cure.  How important was Michael Dempsey in the creation of the material and to the stability of the group?

Was he a member of the band because RS ‘allowed’ him to be (as has been alleged time and time…and time…again over the decades) or was his membership an integral part of the overall functioning of the group?

Did Dempsey leave of his own accord because he didn’t like the direction the group seemed to be taking, or did RS jettison Dempsey because Dempsey’s level of enthusiasm for the new material was insufficient?  Don’t know.

They are interesting questions though, and it’s likely that at this stage only RS has anything approaching the real answers (if anyone still wants them).  I say ‘approaching’ because given the passage of time, the haziness of memory and his (somewhat endearing) tendency to polish the rough edges of the past, it’s likely the actual circumstances can no longer be recalled by any of the participants.

In a very short space of time, The Cure’s prolific output of stunningly original and consistently high-quality material would provide answers to some of these questions and render the rest of them irrelevant.

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