Gary Numan to release score to John Bergin’s ‘From Inside’

gary-numanThe film sounds interesting (post-apocolyptic), and hopefully Gary Numan will pull of a John Carpenter-esque score…

Gary Numan is set to release his score to John Bergin’s film From Inside in two editions on Lakeshore Records this October. The score will make for his first in 23 years, dating back to 1991’s The Unborn.

The From Inside — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be released Oct. 7 with an Oct. 21 release date for the DVD From Inside: Gary Numan Special Edition. The album features music by Numan and Ade Fenton.

For Numan, the challenge of creating the score for the film was “to establish the relentless power and motion of the train, the desolate landscape, the tragedy of what had happened.”Numan only wrote the score for From Inside in 2013 after the film screened in more than 35 festivals between 2008 and 2010 with a different score. Although Lakeshore released that version of the film on DVD in 2012, the company has since discontinued it. Instead, it will re-release the film on DVD with Numan’s score.

From Inside is the story of a young pregnant woman on a damaged train moving slowly through a post-apocalyptic landscape. The train passengers are plagued with floods, war, starvation and ultimately death.

Synth-pop artist Numan is best known for his 1980 top-10 hit “Car.” Numan’s career spans more than 35 albums and he continues to tour regularly.

via Gary Numan to Release Score to John Bergin’s ‘From Inside’ on Lakeshore Records in October : Classical : Classicalite.

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