Stories from the Cure’s 1992 Wish Tour

cure legoONE of the joys of travelling as a reporter is the opportunity to work with great photographers, and I’ve been unusually blessed in that respect – as I was on this trip, travelling with Melody Maker’s Stephen Sweet. And one of the frustrations of working as a writer is realising how little impact thousands of your words might have when measured against a single frame snapped by a great photographer, which was what happened when this story originally ran. I’d mumbled something to Sweet about maybe focusing on the odd relationship between The Cure’s Robert Smith and his mascara-smeared legions of lookalike fans, and Sweet nailed it the first night, outside the band’s hotel in Chicago.

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Mute announces Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds vinyl reissues

cave_cd_kicking_1Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds has announced that Mute Records will reissue the group’s entire catalog on vinyl. As fans probably know all too well, with the exception of last year’s Push the Sky Away, the group’s discography is a bit difficult to track down on vinyl — and if you do happen to find some of these titles, they’re going to cost a pretty substantial wad of cash.

But starting this month, 14 of the iconic art-rock (or goth, or punk blues) band’s albums will be pressed and released on LP in non-sequential increments. The first group will arrive on Oct. 27, including fan favorites From Her to Eternity and Your Funeral… My Trial. The next two batches will arrive on Nov. 17 and Nov. 24, respectively, and the remaining titles will be released in 2015.

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