Prong cover Killing Joke and the Sisters on their new LP

ProngLogoGood idea, but a poor choice of tracks.

Prong have recorded a batch of cover versions for a record they plan to release through their own label. Frontman Tommy Victor says the trio recorded covers of songs by Black Flag, Husker Du and The Sister Of Mercy over the space of a week spent at a studio in Berlin, Germany.

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“Cheer up, goth”

80s_goths_sistersofmercy_tshirtFog rolls in over the cemetery. Through the mist, the bell tower rings distant and ominous. Across the churchyard, someone weeps for their lost love.

That’s the cavernous isolation and agonizing emotion that comes from listening to goth rock. It’s one of the most divisive genres of music, reviled by those who pigeonhole it and adored by those who give it a fair chance. What exactly is it, and why should you want to spend your time listening to such gloomy, self-indulgent sounds?

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PJ Harvey covers Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand”

pj-harveyPJ Harvey was asked to do this for the BBC historical drama Peaky Blinders, according to NME.

Harvey’s cover is very different from the Australian alternative rock band’s original song. While in the original, Cave’s very deep voice booms across the sound of instruments which hold tension and drums that come in very harshly, Harvey’s cover is slow and subtle. A piano creates the main tune. Harvey’s voice sounds sad, compared to Cave’s voice which holds warning and is strong. There are many points where the vocals in the cover echo which creates an eery effect.

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