“Amazing Cocteau Twins mini concert from 1984, rare setlist featuring entire Spanglemaker EP!”

Since odds are there will never be a Cocteau Twins reunion, the only way you are going to see them live is build a time machine.  But, since no one has actually hid their head and dreamt up a flux capacitor yet, you are going to have to settle for videos on Youtube in the meantime.  That being said, you must check out this fantastic mini concert from the Swedish leg of the Cocteau Twin’s 1984 tour. There are only 5 songs—but the audio and video are television quality—and wow—I don’t think I’ve ever seen a live performance of Pepper Tree before!

The setlist is the entire Spangle Maker EP, with Rococo from Aikea-Guinia, and the rare track Millimillenary—which I believe was originally only available via an NME compilation, and then later on The Pink Opaque.  This footage is, for lack of a better word, indeed a treasure.

Cocteau Twins, Venue: Restaurang Continental, Örebro, Sweden October 25th 1984

  1. The Spangle Maker

  2. Pepper-Tree

  3. Millimillenary

  4. Rococo

  5. Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops

via Amazing Cocteau Twins mini concert from 1984 | Rare setlist featuring entire Spanglemaker EP! – Post-Punk.

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