“New Cure album aimed at hard people”

cure legoDistressing news for sensitive Cure fans…

THE Cure’s new album is aimed at people with big necks who are good at fighting.

“It’s a fighting par-tay, bitch”

The band has ditched its trademark ethereal goth-pop sound on Party Up Gangsta Style, which showcases a new ‘hard person’ direction influenced by the playlists of provincial nightclubs.

Cure frontman Robert Smith said: “Banging dance tracks like Oi Oi Saveloy, Don’t Front and Bitchslap will alienate some of our old fans with their massive b-lines and numerous references to ‘fanny’.

“But fuck that lot, they’re pussies! Also we’ve seen marketing data that says depressed loners have less disposable income that red-blooded townie lads.”

He added: “Nowadays we’re all about partying, punching people and picking on the weak.”

“We’re doing a live PA in a barracks town tomorrow, at an immense corporate-style venue with cheap drinks and some Page 3 girls getting their tits signed. They’re got foam cannons.

“And our Ibiza rave anthem High As Infinity is already being hammered by Calvin Harris so that’s probably the biggest artistic achievement of our career.

“He’s like the world’s biggest DJ right now, fucking wicked mate.”

Goth Tom Logan said: “I put the record on, stood in front of a mirror and punched myself. It made me hate myself, which I kind of liked I suppose.”

via New Cure album aimed at hard people.

2 thoughts on ““New Cure album aimed at hard people”

  1. The thought of Robert smith writing songs called oi oi saveloy and bitchslap is hilarious. Can u imagine it. Yeah boi! Great stuff, made me laugh. I’m a massive cure fan btw. If u cant take the piss out of the ones u love the most, what’s the point in anything.

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