“A Rookie’s Guide to Nick Cave, Our True Prince of Darkness”

nickcave230412wAll starting out as a suburban art school band from Melbourne, they quickly transformed into The Birthday Party, a feral collection of embryonic but already incendiary artistic presences. They made three era defining albums, before escaping to West Berlin and re-inventing themselves as The Bad Seeds, going on to make 15 studio albums and a side project in Grinderman. In between Cave managed to batter out a couple of novels, and some scripts and roles in a few films, most recently appearing in the 2014 documentary 20,000 Days On Earth.

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“Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ Cover: The Science Behind an Image”

joy division unknown pleasures 2The mysterious cover of Joy Division’s 1979 debut Unknown Pleasures – a black-and-white visualization of pulsar data that looked like digital mountain peaks – is the subject of a new, in-depth Scientific American article. The magazine traced the origins of the “computer-generated illustration” to its first publication around 1970.

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John Ashton on producing “Alice” by the Sisters of Mercy (video)

som_7_alice_1Another video from the excellent Sex WAX n Rock n Roll stable, following hot on the heels of the 30 minute video on Big Paul Ferguson (Killing Joke’s drummer).

This time, its a 20 minute interview with John Aston, guitarist/producer of the Psychedelic Furs, who produced the seminal ‘Alice’ by the Sisters of Mercy, and here he talks in depth about the Sisters and lifts the lid on the way the band write and produce, with plenty of details on equipment and process.  A fantastic video – can’t wait for more.

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“New Cure album aimed at hard people”

cure legoDistressing news for sensitive Cure fans…

THE Cure’s new album is aimed at people with big necks who are good at fighting.

“It’s a fighting par-tay, bitch”

The band has ditched its trademark ethereal goth-pop sound on Party Up Gangsta Style, which showcases a new ‘hard person’ direction influenced by the playlists of provincial nightclubs.

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