Sex WAX n Rock n Roll – an autobiography by Mont Sherar

DJ Mont has been busy recently.  He has finished penning his autobiography (containing a large amount of Killing Joke) and is on an all out multi-media offensive to promote it.  If you haven’t already seen the, I recommend the FANTASTIC 30 minute video on Big Paul Ferguson (one of the finest drummer of the last 30 years), and also the excellent interview with John Ashton of the Psychedelic Furs on producing Alice by the Sisters of Mercy.  The video above is the promo video for the book itself, and is well worth your time.

In Mont’s own words…

Disco has always been about the dance floor. But, especially during the 80s, there was another form of music that was packing number of dance-clubs around the world in just the same way. It wasnt necessarily made for dancing specifically, (in fact the opposite was true for a lot of it), but the power to send you racing to the dance-floor was inescapable. For lack of a better name, let’s just call it ALTERNATIVE. If you’re reading this you most certainly know what that term means.

Mont Sherar’s alt-music DJ career extended between the years of 1980 to the very end of 1989 – first ignited after a visit to Vancouvers Luvafair in the late 70s. Shortly thereafter, Sherar moved to Miami Florida, becoming instrumental in the teams who created Miami’s legendary Fire & Ice and Kitchen Club (Miami Beach) dance clubs.

Mont’s background in getting there is quite remarkable – and certainly unexpected.

Follow that journey as a young farmhand in the middle of nowhere northern Canada (Hazleton BC), to legendary status as S. Floridas premier “anti-mainstream” dance club DJ of the era. The development of the technology in a pre-internet world. First hand account of how the cartel-era Miami club business really operated during a lo-tech period of music evolution fraught with violence, drugs, and general decadence all around. Through it all was a soundtrack that maintains its influence to this very day. “Behind the scenes” music tales featuring the likes of Killing Joke, Thrill Kill Kult, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, and Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, just to name just a few!

Mont explains:

“I came from one of the most isolated places on earth – nothing but grizzly bears and mosquitos until I was a teenager. Void of music, entertainment, girls, people. I was most definitely NOT your typical “star-dj” candidate. How I ended up where I did, doing what I was doing, and achieving the kind of success that came out of it, defied all odds imaginable!”

As one might expect from an autobiography about a DJ, there is a great deal of focus on some amazing vinyl – especially those that packed the dance floors. But as a supplement to Mont’s own comments, there is a long list of all-star musicians who provide their own insights into how those actual songs/records/videos were created. Exclusive to Sex WAX n Rock n Roll.

Alive with revealing honesty, sexuality, humour, and wit, this is a rare view of how things were from a unique perspective. A life story with a dramatic turn of events! Illustrated with photographs.

Who needs fiction when the truth is far more entertaining!


  • unseen footage of Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) / Dwayne Goettel (Skinny Puppy) collaboration talks (details in book).

  • Peter Murphy “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” live

  • cEvin Key discussion on “GOTHIC NEW WAVE”

  • Martin Atkins describes the near, “TRAGIC MULTIPLE DEATHS” KJ concert!

  • David Labrava “Happy” SONS OF ANARCHY as young security enforcer 1989 Kitchen Club

  • Marilyn Manson, Daisy Berkowitz, Olivia Newton Bundy – PRE Marilyn Manson days…

  • Hugo Burnham “Gang of Four”

  • Geordie Walker unreleased

  • Big Paul Ferguson “WAIT” unreleased

  • Killing Joke “The Wait” Live 1989

  • Mark Gemini Thwaite “The Wait” performance/soundcheck

  • Al Jourgensen, Thrill Kill Kult, Front Line Assembly, Swans and much much more!

  • Exclusive dub MOB RESEARCH soundtrack (last work by Paul Raven) via Mark Gemini Thwaite/Echozone Records

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