3D-printable model of the cover of Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures”

UnknownPleasures_011At last – a use for that 3D printer…

Michael Zoellner says…

After watching Grant Gee’s documentary “Joy Division” I wanted to print the iconic cover of their first album “Unknown Pleasures” in 3D. Unfortunately I could not find a single vector graphic or 3D model anywhere. There are articles about the history of the graphics, Peter Saville’s artwork and PSR B1919+21. I even tried to visualize PSR B1919+21’s waveforms. But in the end I spend an evening tracing the waves by hand.

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“Inside a Room Built for Total Silence”

1424369477162410A little off-topic, but a fascinating article on a fascinating subject…

Noise freaks have been trying to raze heads and rupture eardrums with blunt volume in the name of art since the invention of amplification. But paradigms are shifting: Quiet, it seems, is the new loud.

“There’s been a dramatic increase in the fine art use of sound—using and thinking about sound in new ways,” explains Mike Wyeld, a sound technical instructor working in the Royal College of Art’s animation department. “And the absence of sound gives you an experience you could not possibly have had before.”

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Vive Le Rock! Bauhaus primer

bauhaus and remainsWith Peter Murphy touring the UK in Early October, Vive Le Rock takes a look at the history of goth pioneers Bauhaus.

Bauhaus, originating in Northampton, England, is considered the original goth-rock band. Using influences from punk, glam rock, and Krautrock paired with Peter Murphy’s dark vocals, they were able to create a gloomy sound that appealed to those music fans that were unsatisfied with the New Wave movement in the early 1980s.

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