4AD week – “a 70-song introduction to one of the greatest record labels of all time: 4AD”

4ad-logo-black1The final installment from DiS’s 4AD week.

We had a little bit of help putting this together… Earlier this week, we asked the DiS community on our messageboard and Facebook (here and here) for suggestions of tunes which had to be on a 4AD playlist. Unsurprisingly, given the sorts of people who read and frequent this site, the reaction was kinda mental. People were suggesting things like “everything by The National”, “this Belly song… no wait.. THIS ONE!” and even the snobbiest music fans could be found excitably typing cult band names IN ALL CAPS with <3s.

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4AD week – “The 5 Most Vital 4AD Debuts” including Bauhaus and the Birthday Party

4795946931_104ee398e4_bMore from DiS’s 4AD series, this time around stunning debut LP’s and, as Goth fans, we need look no further than the stunning debuts from both Bauhaus and the Birthday Party.

Bauhaus – In The Flat Field – 1980

It’s the sonorous grit of a reverberating guitar, interspersed by the the siren call of a distant sonar on ‘Double Dare’ that first beckons you into the unknown. Soon discordant percussion will judder your spine and the piercing shriek of Peter Murphy’s voice will wrap itself around your throat like a cold trembling hand: but by then it’ll be too late and Bauhaus have you in their grasp.

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4AD week – Drowned In Sound

4ad-logo-black1The excellent Drowned in Sound recently ran a series on the ever-excellent, and ever-relevant, 4AD record label, and I will post a few of the best here, starting with this interview…

Stately indies don’t come any more revered than the quarter-century-old 4AD. Firstly, because they are and always have been a proper ‘indie’ – an independent record label who release a certain type of leftfield, but quite special music. Secondly, their longevity, range of release and ability to unearth key time and genre defining bands (see; Pixies, Cocteau Twins, TV on the Radio and The Red House Painters).

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