Have you heard Viet Cong covering Dark Entries? Wow!

homepage_large.c79cf2e9Have you heard Viet Cong yet?  The LP is excellent – heavy, dense and distorted and more than a bit post-punk.  Part of the excellent Pitchfork review is below and after only a few listens it is becoming a firm Gods and Alcoves favourite.

But the most interesting VC thing is from their demo LP of last year called ‘Cassette’, and it’s an excellent, faithful live cover of Bauhaus’s Dark Entries – here in all its glory:

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“Cheer up, goth”

80s_goths_sistersofmercy_tshirtFog rolls in over the cemetery. Through the mist, the bell tower rings distant and ominous. Across the churchyard, someone weeps for their lost love.

That’s the cavernous isolation and agonizing emotion that comes from listening to goth rock. It’s one of the most divisive genres of music, reviled by those who pigeonhole it and adored by those who give it a fair chance. What exactly is it, and why should you want to spend your time listening to such gloomy, self-indulgent sounds?

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David J speaks… “Who Killed Mr. Moonlight? Bauhaus, Black Magick and Benediction”

david j bookDavid J has announced his forthcoming book – “Who Killed Mr. Moonlight? Bauhaus, Black Magick and Benediction” a “A candid memoir of life revolving around David J. Haskins’ tumultuous experiences with the pioneering post punk / gothic / art band, Bauhaus”.  There is also a Facebook page which is previewing mterial (excerpt at the bottom) – https://www.facebook.com/mrmoonlightbook.

The book is…

…a candid memoir of life revolving around David J. Haskins’ tumultuous experiences with the pioneering post punk / gothic / art band, Bauhaus.

Beginning with the creation of Bauhaus’s seminal debut hit ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’, David J. Haskins offers a no-holds-barred account of his band’s rapid rise to fame and glory in the late 70s, their sudden dissolution in the 80s, and their subsequent (and often strained) reunions.

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“80’s Goth Mixtape by Simon Young” – an 80’s goth ‘primer’

cure legoSimon wrote the excellent review of the Cure’s Peel Session bootleg, and he’s now put together a mix (on Mixcloud) of 80’s goth.   Next time someone’s looking (or in need of) an 80’s goth primer, point them to his “80’s Goth Mixtape” – 80’s Goth Mixtape by Simon Young | Mixcloud.

Goth for want of a better description….. includes The Cure, Joy Division, Siouxsie, Sisters, Bauhaus, Cocteaus, Bunnymen, Nick Cave, PiL, Tone on Tail, Danielle Dax, New Order, The Glove, Bauhaus, Killing Joke.

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Ian Shirley’s “The Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom” on Kickstarter

GUARDIANS LOGONo right-minded Bauhaus fan is without a copy of Dark Entries – the excellent Bauhaus biograpy.  It’s author Ian Shirley contacted us about the resurrection of an old goth band he was involved with, called “the Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom”, the the plan to issue unheard material… over to Ian:

Some of you might recognize my name as I wrote Dark Entries which remains the definitive biography of Goth legends Bauhaus. What you won’t know is that between 1981/2 I was in a Goth-inspired band called The Guardians Of The Ancient Wisdom.

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“Peter Murphy Nearly Melted Down at the El Rey on Saturday”

Peter-Murphy-Lion-300x297Hyperbolic headline of the week, but an interesting piece on Peter Murphy’s recent gig, and the comments in the original article are equally interesting.

Peter Murphy suspected the fans had come for the hits on Saturday night at the El Rey. After all, the legendary 56-year-old singer played the oldies last year on tour, including those from his former band, Bauhaus.But this time around, the emphasis was on his post-Bauhaus work. There’s a lot of that — he recently released his 10th studio album, Lion — though it wasn’t enough to keep the crowd’s attention. But that isn’t what made the holiday weekend stop in L.A. such a bummer.

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