“The Bubbleman Cometh: An Interview with Daniel Ash”

Here’s a brilliant (and very long) interview with Danny Ash from the excellent Post Punk website.  Ash has recently announced that he will be re-visiting his back catalogue (mainly Tones on Tail and Love and Rockets material). Going on the previews, including the new version of Tones on Tails’ “There’s Only One’ above, it is going to be good.

More Tones on Tails please Danny!

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Daniel Ash interview “Bauhaus is never getting back together”

ashExcellent Danny Ash interview.

Wearing sunglasses indoors is damn near impossible to pull off. To do so is to, with few exceptions, open yourself up to entirely justified accusations of douchedom, poseurdom, junkiedom, and, most damaging of all in today’s culture, complete-lack-of-self-awarenes-dom. But, like I said, there are exceptions; Lou Reed/Nico, all French directors, Algerian terrorists in the ‘60s, Tom Cruise in his underwear (debatable), and… Daniel Ash.

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Daniel Ash: new album: “Stripped” on PledgeMusic, an 8 minute video worth watching

danny-ashMore activity from the ex-Bauhausers (see Peter Murphy’s live DVD & David J’s new LP)… and potentially the most interesting.

Danny Ash has launched a new LP on PledgeMusic called “Stripped”, on whcih he will re-visit some old Bauhaus, Tones on Tail and Love & Rockets tracks, and re-work them.

Danny has produced an eight minute video explaining all (below), and it’s worth a look…

Daniel Ash Wants YOU to help him make his “Stripped” album. Help decide what tracks make the cut!!

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Daniel Ash “Anthology” review

daniel-ash-ant-300x300Following on from his excellent review of David J’s “Etiquette of Violence”, Mick Mercer reviews Daniel Ash’s recent triple CD anthology.

As with David J so with Daniel Ash, by which I mean…confusion. Moke and smirrors. Angles of deception. That kind of thing.

Easily one of the greatest guitarists we ever have had come out of Britain what sort of artist does that make him when out on his own?

This compilation brings us the albums “Coming Down” (1991) and “Foolish Thing Desire” (1992) with a third side selected by the man himself of more recent work, and entitled “Bits ‘N’ Bobs.” The wide-ranging nature of styles and covers ensures you don’t get close to an idea of him as an artist at all, of the man, but you get to check out his approach, his artful dodging. It comes in a nicely designed triptych format sleeve, with another excellent Andrew J. Brooksbank set of sleevenotes. I also love the photo of the suited, mohicaned Ash leaning forward, as it looks like his head’s vanished! (Check the profile pic on his FB page.)

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Daniel Ash interview from MTV’s 120 Minutes, 1991

daniel ashAn interesting tidbit, a rare solo interview with Daniel Ash, guitarist with Bauhaus, and guitarist / vocalist with Tones on Tail and Love & Rockets.

The interview is on the releasing of his solo debut LP “Coming Down” (which is a pretty good listen).

For some bizarre reason the shortish interview is chopped into three parts.

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