Joy Division – live and promo appearances, 1979 and 1980 (DVD)

Hot on the heels of the excellent Killing Joke Tube appearances DVD, here is another gem.  This DVD contains most of Joy Division’s recorded performances – live and promo -during 1979 and 1980.

Thanks, as ever, to the joyous Dark Circle Room for the tip off.

All the live footage was rearranged in chronological order and following the concert set list.  Where a decent soundboard or audience recording was available, that was synced and remastered.

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Killing Joke – the Tube Performances, 1983 and 1985 (DVD)

Back in the mists of time, namely the early eighties, you rarely got to see goth, alternative and post-punk bands on the TV – let alone playing live.  And it is quite difficult to find high quality, complete versions of such performances (excepting the odd clip on an Old Grey Whistle Test compilation DVD).

So this Dark Circle Room post about Killing Joke’s two Tube appearances is very welcome.  The shows, from late 83 and early 85, are Killing Joke at a great time, just after Raven (RIP) had joined the band.

I especially like the fresh-faced Jaz!

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Sisters of Mercy – three hours of high-quality outtakes and demos, 1981-1986

Here’s a real treat from the ever-complete Dark Circle Room – 3 hours of Sisters out-takes and demos from the early 81-86 period, painstakingly compiled and cleaned up:

Here’s a bunch of Sisters demos & outtakes I put together from what I believe to be the best circulating sources for all of these recordings. All of those sources are detailed below, so you can make out for yourself what you need/want and what you don’t. Whenever vinyl sources were used (either by myself, or by the producers of the bootleg CD’s), I have manually removed (nearly) all audible clicks & pops using the pen tool in SoundForge, so you might even consider downloading what you think you already have…

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Killing Joke rarities – demos 2001-2003 and an 80 minute mix of rare and unreleased tracks

Another batch of interesting Killing Joke rarities from the ever-enjoyable Dark Circle Room, but these are probably for die-hard fans only.

The first is a collection of demos and rare tracks from their second eponymous LP (2003).  I like these a lot – there seems to be more energy in them than in the “proper” versions (but demos tend to retain a raw/exciting edge through the nature of mixing track quickly – less polish).  I especially like the instrumental demos.

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Killing Joke out-takes from the “What’s THIS For…!” 1981 sessions

The ever-excellent Dark Circle Room recently posted these Killing Joke out-takes from the What’s THIS For…! 1981 album sessions.

Audio quality-wise, theses tracks are as rough as a badger’s wotsit, and they are largely studio jams and dub remixes, but they are definitely part of Killing Joke folklore and, as Jaz would say, “some rituals must be observed”.

And it is amazing how often they come up in search logs – there are lots of you looking for them.  I cannot find a better version of the tracks than these – if anyone has better please get in touch.

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Sisters of Mercy, “Emma” live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam (soundcheck), 28th August 1983 (video)

Thanks once again to the fantastic Dark Circle Room for this gem.

I love the Sisters.  They, along with Bauhaus, define goth for me, and this crude video exposes the dirty core of goth, – it shows the inner-workings, the basic building blocks, of the seminal goth sound.

This video is a black and white handheld video of their sound check at the Paradiso, and contains one track – Emma (which must be in every single Sister’s fan’s top 5 tracks). The camera work only goes either straight up/down, or left/right – like it’s being controlled by a deranged Etch-a-Sketch fan.  If you like Emma, or old Sisters (is that Ben Gunn?) definitely check this out.  Filthy

via DARK CIRCLE ROOM: The Sisters of Mercy – Paradiso, Amsterdam (Soundcheck) – 28.08.1983 (Video).

Dark Circle Room’s Killing Joke week

The excellent Dark Circle Room blog recently had a Killing Joke week, where loads of high quality video material was lovingly tracked down, converted, compiled and made available.  (Click here to see a list of them all.)

Highlights? Killing Joke have never release their promo videos, so this collection of HQ promo videos is very welcome: Continue reading