GagReflex – “Nails E.P.” …as punk as fuck!

So, just what has Cheltenham actually produced in terms of musical talent?  Gustav Holst… Killing Joke (or, Jaz Coleman at least)… Worzel from Motorhead… Pigbag… err… (I can’t name any more and I live here!)

Well, hold on to your hats and lock up your daughters, here come Cheltenham’s newest export – GagReflex – “a two-headed punk rock machine – small enough to tour in a car; big enough to take your face clean off”.

Sounds like fun, and their debut 4 track E.P. – “Nails” – has just been released on Bandcamp (with no minimum payment amount – available for free).  So, is it really as punk as fuck?

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Sisters of Mercy, “Emma” live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam (soundcheck), 28th August 1983 (video)

Thanks once again to the fantastic Dark Circle Room for this gem.

I love the Sisters.  They, along with Bauhaus, define goth for me, and this crude video exposes the dirty core of goth, – it shows the inner-workings, the basic building blocks, of the seminal goth sound.

This video is a black and white handheld video of their sound check at the Paradiso, and contains one track – Emma (which must be in every single Sister’s fan’s top 5 tracks). The camera work only goes either straight up/down, or left/right – like it’s being controlled by a deranged Etch-a-Sketch fan.  If you like Emma, or old Sisters (is that Ben Gunn?) definitely check this out.  Filthy

via DARK CIRCLE ROOM: The Sisters of Mercy – Paradiso, Amsterdam (Soundcheck) – 28.08.1983 (Video).

Killing Joke – “Down by the River” live LP review

So, Killing Joke put out another live LP“Down by the River”.  Hmmmmmmmm.  They have put out a lot of live stuff recently – Live at the Forum (volumes one and two), XXV Gathering (25th anniversary gigs) and Duende (the rehearsals for the re-union tour), not forgetting the re-issued records: the Bootleg Archive (6 CD’s worth) and the “Original Unperverted Pantomime“.

Frankly, in terms of production, some of the live material has sounded below par, so to see another Killing Joke live LP does not fill me with the same joy as seeing the announcement for “HA!” in the summer of 1982.

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