Gary Numan and Mary Vango: “how we made Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”

numan2Typically candid interview the Gary Numan on the very origins of Tubeway Army’s sound.

In 1978, I was fronting a three-piece punk band called Tubeway Army. We’d had a couple of unsuccessful singles, but our record company still wanted us to do an album, so they put us in a studio to record it. That was when I saw my first ever synthesiser, a Minimoog. When I turned it on, the sound blew me away. In that moment, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

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Gary Numan interview

numan blueGary Numan interview.

There’s a certain cannon of events that have defined pop music during the past 50 years or so. The Beatles playing The Ed Sullivan Show. Bob Dylan plugging in at Newport. David Bowie creating Ziggy Stardust. And Gary Numan taking synth-based music to No. 1 on the Billboard Charts. Whereas it may have once seemed odd to see Numan’s name alongside some of the biggest names in popular music, bear in mind we’re living in the age of EDM, when Ableton Live has replaced the Les Paul as the axe of choice for kids getting into making music.

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“Isolation feeds paranoia in Numan’s world”

numan2Odd Gary Numan piece.

Gary Numan paid a price for his rapid elevation to pop-star status in the wake of punk rock.  No sooner had he achieved his fame than the music press rounded on him, painting him as a pretentious and self-absorbed lightweight who threatened to undo all the ego-levelling work that had preceded his rise.

The problem was twofold. First, his pancake makeup and air of passionless cool was obviously contrived; and second, his reliance on synthesisers and electronics was doing ”proper” musicians out of a job. Laughable, really, but it didn’t help that Numan embraced his role as the first true synth-pop star with unfettered enthusiasm.

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Gary Numan on BBC Radio 6 Music’s “Playlist” available on iPlayer for five more days

numan blueElectronic music pioneer Gary Numan, the man who changed the face of music forever at the end of the 70’s, presents an hour of his favourite music.

When Gary appeared on Top of the Pops in 1979, the world was barely prepared for him with his androgynous, almost robotic look and futuristic music. He is a true musical pioneer, taking the formerly niche and experimental electronic music and catapulting it into the mainstream. His influence is still ever apparent today, and he’s cited by numerous artists including Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Prince, The Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Gary is set to release his new album Splinter(Songs From A Broken Mind) in October, and will be touring the UK throughout November

via BBC Radio 6 Music – 6 Music Playlist, Gary Numan.

The Quietus launches an ebook anthology of articles and interviews

quietusThe Quietus is a cracking publication/website, in its own words:

A new rock music and pop culture website. Editorial independent music website offering news, reviews, features, interviews, videos and pictures

Several of their excellent articles have been featured on this blog and, according to the stats, they are certainly popular with the Gods and Alcoves visitors.  Here are a few…

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New Gary Numan film – “Android In La La Land” – is “the Osbournes with asperger’s” (with trailer)

numan blueMore news emerges about the upcoming Gary Numan documentary “Android In La La Land”:

FORTHCOMING GARY NUMAN documentary, Android In La La Land, promises a touching and funny insight into the strangely normal world of Numan, the dark(ish) lord of gothic synth-rock.

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