Inca Babies interview

incababies-2012Another interview with the resurgent Inca Babies

And suddenly another voice came screaming out of the darkness. A malformed beast slowly began to drag itself out of the depths of the Black Lagoon, driven on by crushing drums and a hollow, reverberating bass. “Wounded souls lie in my box, I curse the man who put them there,” it howled, lashed by the barbs of an awkwardly scything guitar. “The tongue is scorched to the very root of the interior.” The Inca Babies had arrived.

“The idea was to take it down to the bare bones of a really intense rhythm and have someone squeal innuendos and violence at you. I thought it rather worked,” comments Harry Stafford, the Babies’ founder, songwriter and guitarist. “At that time in Manchester, the rest of the world were into this hideous concoction called jazz-funk and I can’t describe how awful it was. Northern Soul had evolved into this disco by any other name, but it had been given a posher title and it was just dire. I used to go to clubs to meet people and I was hearing this music and refusing to be part of any scene there whatever and waiting for it to disappear. It never did disappear as it turned into house music and then acid house and rave. It was awful.”

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“The Cure & the Story of the Alternative 80s” Magazine

So this dropped through my letterbox today.  The curiously titled “The Cure [IN GREAT BIG LETTERS] and the story of the alternative 80s.” [in apologetically small, non-descript, genre avoiding letters].

It’s a potted history of Goth (the Cure don’t even really get any extra coverage), with new interviews and good, in-depth articles.  This is definitely not as gritty as Mick Mercer’s excellent Gothic Rock (still available through LuLu, and highly recommended), but it seems like a pretty good intro.  It does have a lot of really nice photos, many I haven’t seen before.

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Inca Babies radio special, Thursday 2nd August 2012

Remember the Inca Babies?  Those gangly Birthday Party dopplegangers? The “post punk death rock band from Manchester, England, initially active between 1982 and 1988, but reformed since 2007, releasing an album “Death Message Blues” in 2010 and performing live across Europe”?

Well, I love ’em, and there is an Inca Babies special on a PBS 106.7 FM in Australia – available online:

This week on Junkyard, we’ll be featuring that wonderful English post punk band from the early 80’s, who have just reformed and released a brand new single, The Inca Babies, It should be a lot of fun on Junkyard this week!!!

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