The Quietus launches an ebook anthology of articles and interviews

quietusThe Quietus is a cracking publication/website, in its own words:

A new rock music and pop culture website. Editorial independent music website offering news, reviews, features, interviews, videos and pictures

Several of their excellent articles have been featured on this blog and, according to the stats, they are certainly popular with the Gods and Alcoves visitors.  Here are a few…

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“Thirty Years On: Japan’s Oil On Canvas Revisited”

Japan-Oil-On-Canvas-338526Japan’s final release, remembered fondly…

The synthesizer fervour that gripped Britain in the wake of Kraftwerk and The Human League’s late-seventies output was particularly beneficial to Japan, who, seemingly overnight, ditched the platform boots and wild hair, refined their make-up, slowed down their sound to take in swirly synth textures and loping fretless bass, and emerged in 1979 with Quiet Life, an album that pushed the elegant, improbably-coiffed Sylvian into the limelight, aided and abetted by some of the band’s best songs, such as the pleasingly camp title track, the driving ‘Fall In Love With Me’, the ice-cold ‘Despair’ and a delightfully rigid take on the Velvet Underground classic ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’. Quiet Life deserves to be placed alongside Travelogue, Mix-Up and Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark as one of the key early British synth-based pop/rock albums, as it defined a very European form of detached, sexually-ambiguous and thoughtful art-pop, one not too dissimilar to what the ever-prescient David Bowie had delivered two years earlier with Low.

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“Keep Karn and Carry On” – Mick Karn’s “Birthday Download Day” is 24th July

karn EyesMick Karn’s “Birthday Download Day” will begin at Midnight, Nicosia, Cyprus time on 24th July 2013.

Team Mick Karn in conjuntion with Burning Shed, an ethical company run by artists for artists, invite you to download his music from on that special day as a clear message of love and eternal appreciation.

Downloads are limitless but stocks of Mick’s cds are low. If they run out there are currently no more and no plans to rerelease. This is shocking and the case for many of our artists and it must not come to pass that these records go out of print.

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Japan biography, “a Foreign Place”, is looking for funding on Kickstarter

japan polaroidsI have pledged for this because I think this will be a cracking read.  Anthony Reynolds is looking for funding on Kickstarter for his proposed Japan biography – ‘A Foreign Place’.  Below is a link to some of his current writing, but, from the horse’s mouth:  

A long overdue biography of my favourite band – Japan. I’ve been a fan of Japan and all the solo work that entails, since I was a teenager.  I’m as obsessed with the music today as I was back in the 80’s.  (The internet has no doubt helped).

I’ve had three biographies published so far. I have already interviewed Sylvian, Karn, Dean and Barbieri for my website and for an article on the seminal ‘Polaroids’ album.  If I could afford to, I’d write this book for fun.  But part of how I make my living is by writing biographies.

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