The Johnny Cash Project

The last, posthumous, official release from Johnny Cash was the LP “American VI: Ain’t No Grave”, entitled after the lead single.

Johnny Cash’s estate and Google Chrome hooked up to crowd-source a promotional video to be used as the official music video for the single’s release – and the Johnny Cash Project was born.

The result is stunning.  Over 250,000 people from over 170 different countries contributed to the project, and they each took a solitary frame – 1/25th of a second – and illustrated it, in black and white, via the website, then the frames were edited together.

The result is incredibly cohesive and the range of material is mind-blowing.  As you would expect – there was plenty of video taken during the making, and the website is beautifully interactive (even if it is in Flash).

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Johnny Cash’s 80th birthday, rare and un-published photos plus new release

Hang on a minute… isn’t this a goth, alternative and post-punk blog?  Well of course it is, and Johnny Cash “the man in black” played a major, if unintended, role in the shaping of goth.  His beautiful bass baritone voice, the overbearing religious content in much of his canon (couple with a constant fight against addiction), the stark, minimalist nature of his work and his final salvo of LPs recorded with Rick Rubin (which are as dark as the chambers of a dead nun’s heart – © Nick).  And on those final LPs were the covers of the Mercy seat (Cave), Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode), Hurt (Nine Inch Nails), among many which are sublime.  Enough said.

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