“The Bubbleman Cometh: An Interview with Daniel Ash”

Here’s a brilliant (and very long) interview with Danny Ash from the excellent Post Punk website.  Ash has recently announced that he will be re-visiting his back catalogue (mainly Tones on Tail and Love and Rockets material). Going on the previews, including the new version of Tones on Tails’ “There’s Only One’ above, it is going to be good.

More Tones on Tails please Danny!

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Mick Mercer’s new radio show

mick mercerMick Mercer is, among other things, a goth legend, notably for chronicling of the goth and alternative scenes from the beginning through to present day (see the excellent “Gothic Rock” book below… and see all of Mick’s books here on Lulu).

Anyway, Mick recently launched a radio show described as “Gothic, Post-Punk and Punk, every Sunday night. An International perspective, with new bands galore alongside classics and curios.”

Facebook: Mick Mercer Radio.

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“Children Of The Night” three films about early 80s goth nightlife in the UK

80s_goths_sistersofmercy_tshirtExcellent article, plus three videos about the goth scene in the early eighties.

Ah, if only time machines had been invented already. We would each be free to zip back and visit the desired nightclub/live venue/social scene of our choice, to revel in a world we can now only read, or dream, about. I’ve thought about this before, of course, and most of my preferred time travel destinations were located in and around New York City in the 70s and the 80s.

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Nostalgia! Love and Rockets hit #1 in the US in July 1989

loveLove and Rockets, at times they couldn’t get UK distibution, in the US in 1989 they had a number one.  Go figure man!

When English band Bauhaus dissolved for the first time in 1983, three of the four members reunited two years later to form the alternative-rock band Love and Rockets.

They we’re a little brighter than most goth rock imaged bands of the time, even recording a cover of Motown’s “Ball of Confusion.”

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BBC4, can we please get Goth Britannia made?

522704_195067337277650_2039313857_nWhat a fantastic idea.

“BBC4, can we please get Goth Britannia made?” is a Facebook campaign – a year old this week – imploring the beautiful BBC to make “Goth Britannia”:

We’ve had Soul Britannia, Prog Britannia and Synth Britannia and others, but surely there is a snakebite & black sized gap in the schedules for the daddy of ’em all… GOTH BRITANNIA.

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Daniel Ash interview from MTV’s 120 Minutes, 1991

daniel ashAn interesting tidbit, a rare solo interview with Daniel Ash, guitarist with Bauhaus, and guitarist / vocalist with Tones on Tail and Love & Rockets.

The interview is on the releasing of his solo debut LP “Coming Down” (which is a pretty good listen).

For some bizarre reason the shortish interview is chopped into three parts.

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