“Cheer up, goth”

80s_goths_sistersofmercy_tshirtFog rolls in over the cemetery. Through the mist, the bell tower rings distant and ominous. Across the churchyard, someone weeps for their lost love.

That’s the cavernous isolation and agonizing emotion that comes from listening to goth rock. It’s one of the most divisive genres of music, reviled by those who pigeonhole it and adored by those who give it a fair chance. What exactly is it, and why should you want to spend your time listening to such gloomy, self-indulgent sounds?

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PJ Harvey covers Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand”

pj-harveyPJ Harvey was asked to do this for the BBC historical drama Peaky Blinders, according to NME.

Harvey’s cover is very different from the Australian alternative rock band’s original song. While in the original, Cave’s very deep voice booms across the sound of instruments which hold tension and drums that come in very harshly, Harvey’s cover is slow and subtle. A piano creates the main tune. Harvey’s voice sounds sad, compared to Cave’s voice which holds warning and is strong. There are many points where the vocals in the cover echo which creates an eery effect.

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Einsturzende Neubauten’s “soulful of first World War”

&MaxW=640&imageVersion=default&AR-141109319Traditionally, we have remembered the dead in silence. The centenary this year of the First World War, however, has prompted rather more monumental thinking. The 1914-18 conflict was a highly mechanised war, and its chemical weapons, tanks and explosives wreaked immeasurable catastrophe on the human beings fighting it. How to commemorate it? The United Kingdom’s prime minister David Cameron suggested events which spoke about what Britain is “as a nation”. The German chancellor Angela Merkel opened an exhibition in Berlin.

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Gig review: Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld at Howard Assembly Room

538472356Blixa’s post-Bad Seeds career continues on its strange, strange journey.

Midway through this concert, part of the second Recon festival of experimental music staged at venues in Leeds and Bradford, singer Blixa Bargeld reaches into the pocket of his black suit.“I need to turn this off,” he says, frowning at his mobile phone. “It just makes this click clack sound to remind me that I have to take my medication.

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Nick Cave tells Russian reporter that his mother keeps his tail in a jar


In honor of the ageless Nick Cave who turned 57 yesterday, I dug up this interview that Cave did in 1992 for Russian TV. What got the most attention in the interview was Cave agreeing to poetry slam the lyrics to The Birthday Party song Dead Joe from the 1982 record, Junkyard.

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Nick Cave ‘The Boatman’s Call’ is given the StandardDesigns treatment

il_570xN.604769410_4adf 2The excellent StandardDesign make bookshelves of LP track-listings.  I bought the Cure’s ones – click here (Faith, Head on the Door, Disintegration) – but now they have focussed their attentions on Nick Cave and ‘The Boatman’s Call’…

Dark and brooding and magnificent, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ album ‘The Boatman’s Call’ appears in this print not as songs but as a collection of books – as if these too had become Nick Cave novels and for all their trademark intensity and linguistic loveliness they very easily might have.

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