Peter Hook on Joy Division masters… again.

joy division tapesCurioser and curioser – it looks like the Joy Division/New Order master tape saga has taken another twist… apparently there is a whole back story, and they weren’t exactly found.  Here’s an excerpt from a recent Rolling Stone article

How’s the master tape debacle going? Have any developments progressed since the last time we heard from you?

It’s a much deeper story than the one that was first presented. [Julia Adamson] found them a long time ago, and we’d already tried to get them off her. She told us that they’d been stolen from her; she had a police report. This was years ago. It came out that she just found them this summer, but somehow, they got returned to her! How weird! As my wife quite rightly put it, there seems to be a very thin line between reward and ransom.

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Peter Hook’s “Top 5 Riotous Moments”

hookyPeter Hook’s “Top 5 Riotous Moments” article includes some classic footage – New Oder at Glastonbury in 1981!

01. First Glastonbury Appearance – June 1981 – Glastonbury back then was so different than it is today. It was basically a bunch of tents in a field and people could walk in and out as they wished. It still had very hippie vibes to it and we were in that Eighties Thatcherite era so in a way I found it quite incongruous that we should be there but it was great, great fun to play and considering Hawkwind were one of my favourite groups, to support them was fantastic.

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New Order master tapes “being held for ransom” claims Peter Hook

PeterhookMore Hooky madness…

Former New Order bassist Peter Hook claims that a collection of the band’s master tapes are being held “for ransom” by a former assistant of the late producer Martin Hannett. Julia Adamson has allegedly rejected a proposed “finder’s fee” from New Order, including a percentage of profits from related record releases, as she attempts to find a home for dozens of recordings she saved from the skip.

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Peter Hook interview – “They don’t use the correct instruments” he says of New Order’s current lineup, or as he calls it “New Odor.”

PeterhookPeter Hook interview.

Peter Hook is having a capital time playing classic New Order albums in their entirety with his current band, The Light. But that doesn’t mean he’s at all softened his feelings about the Hook-less version of New Order — or, as he refers to it, “New Odor.”

“They re-formed the band, shamelessly, in 2011 without telling me, without asking my permission to use the band name,” Hook, who left the group circa 2007 and is currently battling former bandmates Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert in British courts over use of the New Order name, tells Billboard. “They licensed the name to themselves, which I disagree strong with, and I’m seeking a legal remedy. It’s like a divorce settlement… fixed by the wife without consulting the husband, and the husband doesn’t think it’s fair. They’ve carried on regardless and have not even informed the fans that it’s not the (original) lineup, which I think is a terrible thing to do. I get messages all the time from people that, ‘I went to see New Order, and you weren’t there.'”

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Peter Hook interview

Peter Hook And The Light logoPeter Hook interview about taking the first two New Order LPs on tour.

In The Light, your son, Jack, is playing bass. In New Order’s current line-up Tom Chapman is playing your parts. How is it that the music of New Order is being played live around the world and you are not playing your signature bass hooks?

Yes it is certainly a very funny situation isn’t it! The good thing about this set though is that I do get to play a lot more bass, the music allows me to play much more than it did for the Joy Division sets that we did, which is nice. I suppose I should be flattered really that my bass lines are getting such airplay at the moment even if it isn’t me that’s playing the majority of them.

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Peter Hook has a plan for rescued Joy Division tapes, possibly a “set of Joy Division alternate mixes and outtakes”

joy division tapesHooky does it again! This is absolutely stunning news for Joy Division fans – “the bassist said he is negotiating with Adamson, with the hope of eventually releasing a set of Joy Division alternate mixes and outtakes“.  Wow.

Former Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook is in talks to buy a cache of his bands’ old master tapes rescued from the trash by a former studio assistant. Earlier this month, Julia Adamson (a former member of the Fall and assistant to producer Martin Hannett) said she was looking to sell the tapes, which include a master copy of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures.

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Peter Hook & the Light, “Unknown Pleasures/Closer” live LP review

Peter Hook And The Light logoIn this article over here I wrote about the new LP from Peter Hook & the Light – “Unknown Pleasures/Closer” live at Christ Church in Macclesfield, and here is an excellent review of the LP and, even though I haven’t heard this LP yet (pre-ordered though!) it matches my opinion of the live set I have from their tour last year.  Give it a listen.

Joy Division’s singer and lyricist Ian Curtis was born and grew up in Macclesfield, a town about 16 miles south of Manchester. So it’s impossible not to listen to Peter Hook & The Light’s latest, excellent LP – Unknown Pleasures/Closer Live at Christ Church in Macclesfield – without thinking of Curtis and his musical partnership and friendship with Hook, Joy Division’s bassist and one of its songwriters.

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