Peter Hook & the Light to release “Unknown Pleasures” & “Closer” live, 2nd Sept 2013, download Heart & Soul now!

Peter Hook And The Light logoFor those of you who have not come across “Peter Hook and the Light” yet, or have decided to instantly dislike it because of the material, then I would urge you to have a listen to this.

Peter Hook has joined/formed and taken a young band on tour (his son plays bass, he plays lead bass) playing Joy Division and New Order material.

 I bought a download of the Leeds Cockpit set from the “Unknown Pleasures” tour (2012) from Play Concert, and it is excellent (buy it here  – sample it here).  The energy is pure Warsaw/early JD and the musicianship – and vocals – are excellent.  And the 24 track set also contains Warsaw and other JD material.  

And, would you know, Hooky has just announced another release. (An audio sampler, and all of Heart and Soul, are below.)

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Interview: Peter Hook “hits the road with the songs of New Order”

hookyGood Peter Hook interview.

Legendary bass player Peter Hook has announced today that he is moving the focus of his band Peter Hook and The Light from Joy Division to New Order. Hook is going out on the road next month and will perform the first two New Order albums in their entirety – Movement (1981) and Power, Corruption & Lies (1983).

Hook has spent the past three years touring with The Light, mainly exploring the legacy of Joy Division. Their gigs have been focused on playing the two Joy Division albums, Unknown Pleasures and Closer.

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Peter Hook announces Joy Division memoir

From the Guardian’s website:

Peter Hook will publish a new memoir looking back on his years in Joy Division. Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division follows 2009’s The Haçienda: How Not to Run a Club, which traced the origins of Manchester’s most famous nightclub.

Publishers Simon & Schuster have officially announced the book, which will be published on 1 October. “In [his] frank, no-holds-barred style … Peter ‘Hooky’ Hook gives us the inside story of life with Joy Division,” according to the publisher. “He talks with eye-opening candour and reflection about the suicide of Ian Curtis: often seen as the ‘intellectual one’, to Peter and the band he was just ‘one of the lads’ … [Hook also] covers the band’s friendships and fall-outs; their rehearsals and recording sessions; and the larger-than-life characters who formed a vital part of the Joy Division story.”

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Peter Hook to perform Joy Division album Still

In May, Peter Hook will be covering ‘Still’ the closing Joy Division album (hot on the heals of his succesful Closer gigs).  It’s an ambitious idea considering the diversity of material on the record and it’s emotional position in the band’s brief canyon.  One album is a collection of out-takes and un-released or lesser heard tracks, while the second album is a live recording of Joy Divisions’ last ever concert at High Hall, Birmingham on 2nd May 1980.

At the May concert Hooky and The Light are to perform each disc separately, first the studio recording and then replicate the final ever Joy Division concert in a double header which has been long awaited and anticipated by fans and devotees of the band.

via Peter Hook to play the whole of the ‘Still’ album | Louder Than War.

Peter Hook brands supposed Joy Division “Aerial” track “a bloody awful hoax”

Peter Hook has branded ‘Aerial’, a track that surfaced online this week that purported to be an unreleased song from Joy Division’s seminal album ‘Unknown Pleasures’ as a “bloody awful hoax”.

The track appeared online earlier this week and according to its accompanying description, was an unreleased track from the Manchester band’s 1979 debut album. However, speaking to NME about the track, Peter Hook confirmed that it was a hoax. You can hear ‘Aerial’ by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.

Asked if he’d heard ‘Aerial’, he said: I’ve heard it. It’s a hoax and it’s bloody awful. They’re quite clever, these guys, they sound like college kids to me, they’ve captured the atmosphere quite well, but it’s a hoax. If Ian Curtis ever sang lyrics like that, I’d have kicked him up the arse.

via Peter Hook brands supposed Joy Division ‘Unknown Pleasures’ track ‘a bloody awful hoax’ | News | NME.COM.

Disney’s Joy Division shirt: Peter Hook ‘appreciates the irony’

Many fans of Joy Division were aghast Monday over Disney’s new Mickey Mouse T-shirt that (lovingly or cluelessly) riffed on the Manchester, England, post-punk band’s iconic album art for 1979’s “Unknown Pleasures.” Our own commenters called it “wrong, just wrong” and the “worst shirt ever.” But the design’s unlikely pairing of one of the most tragic acts in rock music with one of the most recognizable images of childhood has at least one begrudging fan: Peter Hook, bassist for Joy Division and New Order.

“I take it as a compliment,” Hook said, adding that to his knowledge, Disney didn’t approach representatives handling Factory Records’ catalog or the surviving members of Joy Division for permission. “If I had a pound for every time someone bootlegged Joy Division, I’d be as rich as Disney. But it’s interesting in a kitsch way. It’s this cross between something very adult and this well-known image of childhood. I’ve heard it’s sold out, so maybe it’ll become a kind of urban legend.”

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Peter Hook returns to perform Joy Division album Closer

After the success of his 2010 Unknown Pleasures 30th Anniversary Tour, Joy Division bassist, PETER HOOK, will return in 2012 with his band THE LIGHT, to play songs from CLOSER – back to back – with shows in Wellington and Auckland. The tour is a celebration of the legacy of the music of Joy Division who, in just three and half years together, became one of the most formidable and influential bands in musical history. CLOSER for many reasons is one of the greatest records ever released.

Although the band was to last only three and a half years with the tragic suicide of Joy Division lead singer, Ian Curtis in May 1980, the Martin Hannett produced seminal second and final album CLOSER was released two months later, becoming an instant classic across fans and critics.

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