Pixies, “Indie Cindy” video

pixies logoHaven’t watched it yet…

Look what the cat dragged in. ‘Indie Cindie’ is the lead track from the new Pixies release, EP 1, which you can buy right now by clicking here. The EP is limited to 5,000 copies on vinyl worldwide, and can be bought digitally or on wax with or without a T shirt. The sleeve art, which you can see below, was designed by Vaughan Oliver at v23.

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New Pixies track, “Bagboy” – their first for nine years

pixies logoAfter nine years the Pixies release a new single… is it any good?  Find out for yourself – the video is below – but note…

…this marks possibly the last song that bassist Kim Deal will appear on as, earlier this month, Deal announced she that was leaving the band.

She will continue to work with her other band, The Breeders.
“We are sad to say that Kim Deal has decided to leave the Pixies,” her bandmates Black Francis, Joey Santiago and David Lovering said in a statement released at the time. “We are very proud to have worked with her on and off over the last 25 years. Despite her decision to move on, we will always consider her a member of the Pixies, and her place will always be here for her. We wish her all the best.”

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