“Cheer up, goth”

80s_goths_sistersofmercy_tshirtFog rolls in over the cemetery. Through the mist, the bell tower rings distant and ominous. Across the churchyard, someone weeps for their lost love.

That’s the cavernous isolation and agonizing emotion that comes from listening to goth rock. It’s one of the most divisive genres of music, reviled by those who pigeonhole it and adored by those who give it a fair chance. What exactly is it, and why should you want to spend your time listening to such gloomy, self-indulgent sounds?

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Mick Mercer’s new radio show

mick mercerMick Mercer is, among other things, a goth legend, notably for chronicling of the goth and alternative scenes from the beginning through to present day (see the excellent “Gothic Rock” book below… and see all of Mick’s books here on Lulu).

Anyway, Mick recently launched a radio show described as “Gothic, Post-Punk and Punk, every Sunday night. An International perspective, with new bands galore alongside classics and curios.”

Facebook: Mick Mercer Radio.

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“Children Of The Night” three films about early 80s goth nightlife in the UK

80s_goths_sistersofmercy_tshirtExcellent article, plus three videos about the goth scene in the early eighties.

Ah, if only time machines had been invented already. We would each be free to zip back and visit the desired nightclub/live venue/social scene of our choice, to revel in a world we can now only read, or dream, about. I’ve thought about this before, of course, and most of my preferred time travel destinations were located in and around New York City in the 70s and the 80s.

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The Cult announce the “Death From Below” surfboard. Really.

1233627_10151719815841985_1686545946_nKilling Joke released a cider, so the Cult release a surf board (“Apocalypse Now was a huge influence on the Electric album“).  It must be Friday.

The Cult announced on Friday that they are releasing an Apocalypse Now inspired “Death From Below surfboard to coincide with their Electric 13 world tour.

The band published these comments, assumed to be from frontman Ian Astbury, to explain how the band’s classic “Electric” album ties in with the classic Vietnam War film.

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Rick Rubin and the Cult’s Ian Astbury Reunite

cultThe Cult’s Ian Astbury and Rick Rubin re-unite

How did you guys first get together?

Astbury: The Cult had just signed with Sire Records, and we came to New York to do a photo shoot for Rolling Stone. We’d started recording with [producer] Steve Brown, but as soon as I heard Rick’s work, I was like, “Stop everything – let’s go to New York and find this guy!” Were you still living in a dorm room?

Rubin: Yeah, I was still in the NYU dorms!

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Interview: The Cult’s Ian Astbury on touring ‘Electric’ and the plague of cell phones (plus video of the heckle!)

cult electric 13Ian Astbury interview…

Let me ask you about the show from last night. You apparently got into with an audience member who was texting…

Yes sir.

What’s the story behind that?

Initially the guy was filming the whole show – he was filming everything.

With his cell phone.

Yeah. It’s kind of a disease that we have where people aren’t present and after while it kind of trips you up, it becomes a distraction. Usually you don’t let things like that trip you out, but when it’s right in front of you doing it… one guy was sitting on the side of the stage eating cake [laughs] and that tripped me out too, but I went over and ate his cake.

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The Quietus launches an ebook anthology of articles and interviews

quietusThe Quietus is a cracking publication/website, in its own words:

A new rock music and pop culture website. Editorial independent music website offering news, reviews, features, interviews, videos and pictures

Several of their excellent articles have been featured on this blog and, according to the stats, they are certainly popular with the Gods and Alcoves visitors.  Here are a few…

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