“20 Best: Goth records ever made”

bauhaus_12_bela_1This is a good read, and the opening is a scream – especially if, like me, you have ever spent time in Spiders in Hull.  Legend of a club.

It’s June, 1999, or thereabouts. I’m sixteen years of age. I’m in a nightclub for the first, perhaps second time in my life. The nightclub is called Spiders, and it’s located on the edge of an industrial estate in Hull. The air as my friends and I queue up outside is foul with burnt cocoa fumes wafting from a neighbouring factory. The smell inside the club is worse.

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UK Decay release new album ‘New Hope For The Dead’, their first LP since 1981


Originally formed in Luton in early 1979, UK Decay were leaders of the then emerging post-punk scene and are widely credited (or derided) with coining the term ‘Goth’ in a music press interview in Sounds music paper that subsequently inspired a movement. Part of a musical lineage that saw them emerge after Siouxsie & The Banshees and pre-fame Adam & The Ants alongside the likes of Bauhaus and Killing Joke, their single/EP releases and debut studio album For Madmen Only were substantial Independent Chart topping records , while they were also session regulars on John Peel’s Radio 1 show. Extensive touring in the UK and mainland Europe led to tours of North America – including memorable treks supporting Dead Kennedys and then headlining above a new LA punk scene containing Circle Jerks, Black Flag, DOA , Social Unrest , The Subhumans, etc – while current iconic names such as Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and Tool have all cited UK Decay’s music and incendiary live performances as influences on their own careers.

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Punk! Lives magazine – “the unacceptable face of modern music” – all 11 magazines available online

I can’t find a great deal of information about this magazine, but it was published in 1982/3 and deals with the then current crop of punk bands – Exploited, GBH, Vice Squad the Damned, Vice Squad, Dead Kennedys, Discharge, etc.

It’s got loads of interviews, single & LP reviews and loads of colour posters (bizarrely, all looking very bright and top of the pops-y).

I stumbled upon oldpunks.com and they have a link to a download of good quality scans of all 11 magazines.  But there are other ways of getting it – issue one (only) is available as an e-book (a good place to start), and issues one, three, four, eight, nine and ten are on Facebook.

There is also a fair cross-over with the post-punk and goth scene – here is some of the stuff I found after a quick look (the number is the issue number):

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